Wijkse Blues Week cancelled

WIJKSE BLUES WEEK CANCELLED. Mid March we already foresaw a possible continuity problem with the Wijkse Blues in the first week of April with six events on various locations. Now that the catering industry has to close down until April 6th, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the event.

A few weeks ago, few people had foreseen that public life in the Netherlands would come to a virtual standstill due to a health crisis. Working from home, avoiding large concentrations of people and a ban on gatherings of 100 or more peoplewas initially the motto. .

For the Wijkse Blues Week in the first week of April, with six events of 100 to 250 visitors at a time in relatively small venues, we foresaw on Friday that this would mean that continuation would not be an option. In our opinion, the health risks would be too high, while the number of visitors would be low, which would also result in a financial fiasco of several thousand Euros. In the past few days, this situation has been discussed with the co-organisers of the Blues Week (schools, theatre, film house and catering industry). Most of their reactions were in line with our ideas and we wanted to make a decision on the 17th of March.

However, now that the government has decided to close all restaurants until the 6th of April, we don’t have to wait any longer with our decision to cancel the Wijk Blues Week. We do this with pain in our hearts, pity of all the time that was put into it, but also as far as we are concerned ‘safety first’.

But delay now is definitely not delay later. All elements of the Blues Week will return in the course of this or next year. The tickets you bought in the meantime will not be valid for these new performances! We will arrange the refund of the E-tickets paid for through Eventbrite through them. You will be informed and the money will be refunded. Tickets bought at van Ginkel Muziek and café Ome Ko can be exchanged there.

Board BluesinWijk Foundation.