BluesinWijk has about thirty volunteers who ensure that blues events can be organised throughout the year. The thirty volunteers consist of five primary group members and twenty-five volunteers with other tasks. The volunteers of BluesinWijk are directly visible in the streets and pubs of Wijk with their special black T-shirts with logo. Because of their friendly and service-minded appearance, our thorough, extremely reliable volunteers won the volunteer award of the Municipality of Wijk bij Duurstede in 2016. Something to be proud of!

The following tasks/activities are carried:

Flag team for the timely hoisting and lowering of flags at the roundabouts of Wijk with the announcement that another Blues event is imminent.

Poster team for distributing flyers and posters

Entrance team to control tickets

Stagehands for turning theatre Calypso and other locations into ‘blues temples’ (photos, stage sets, lighting, etc.), helping musicians to unload and load their instruments, placing event signs, etc.

Musician Hosts to welcome, guide and take care of the musicians

Film and photo team for filming performances and taking photos

Stores Manager for transport, maintenance of signs, flags, photos and supplies

Media team for all conceivable publications, calendars, poster designs etc.

◦ All of us are Ambassadors for BluesinWijk. Being ambassador is especially important for promoting the blues in Wijk and in the region. We all propagate the ‘blues’ in a friendly, hospitable atmosphere.

Interested? At the moment BluesinWijk has enough volunteers and there is little turnover in our loyal team of volunteers. But of course you can always call or email us.

Any ideas? If you have any creative ideas to further develop the blues in Wijk, please let us know.

Our latest ‘new’ volunteer is house photographer Wim Robben. As he put his ideas into words: ‘More than a year ago I was asked to take photos as a regular photographer at the performances and activities of BluesinWijk. Occasionally I took photos at my own initiative and sent them to BluesinWijk. When I did my first photo report for them, I immediately felt at home, people offered me a warm welcome; I instantly felt part of a nice group of people with the same passion and commitment. It’s voluntary work, but not without its obligations. I noticed that a lot of people carry out their tasks without being asked for it. In order to be able to take good photos, you first have to get to know the theatre and it’s also useful to get to know the musicians. For me, that’s one of the nicest things, the good contacts with people. For me, BluesinWijk is the best of two worlds: good music combined with photography, my hobby. You meet interesting people: the volunteers, the musicians, the technicians and the ‘fanatics’, the real die-hards’.