Primary team

The organisation BluesinWijk is managed and directed by a primary team of four or five people. According to the statutes the team has at least a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. At the moment the official functions are taken up by: Arie Verheul (chairman/secretary) and Nico Biersteker (treasurer). Roelof Hummel and Willem van de Kraats are part of the primary team and responsible for other administrative tasks.

The primary team is responsible for the annual planning of blues-events (contents, communications, contracts, payments and PR of events), contacts with partners involved, managing the volunteers (planning, schedules), and all other tasks involved. The primary team meets once a month and discusses the state of affairs with regard to events and other managerial tasks.

For each blues event one of the primary team members is appointed to be in charge of that event; he makes a schedule in which all tasks are allocated and he gives directions to the volunteers for that particular event. 

Primary team 2020-present

from left to right:  Willem van de Kraats (front), Roelof Hummel (back), Nico Biersteker, Arie Verheul and Rob Neleman.

Primary team 2016-2019

from left to right: Frans Hoving,  Gerrit Dijk, Roelof Hummel, Willem van de Kraats and Arie Verheul.

Primary team 2009-2016  

from left to right: Anton Winkel, Arie Verheul and Frans Hoving.