From a financial point of view, 2020 will be a blues year with low costs, which Blues in Wijk thinks it can survive without too much trouble. Therefore, we will refrain from collecting the yearly contributions from friends and sponsors. Calypso, our ‘home base’, has a hard time surviving this summer. It would be unthinkable if this splendid theatre were to go under because of the Corona crisis. That would leave a huge hole in the cultural heart of our beautiful city. The board of the Blues in Wijk Foundation has made the suggestion to its friends and sponsors to voluntarily transfer the blues contributions that will not be collected this year to the bank account of Theatre Calypso. (NL41 RABO 0120 5524 69). Tom and Catharina van Ginkel can use every Euro very much. Support!

Due to the measures taken as a result of the coronavirus, Calypso Theatre is also struggling to stay afloat. Last January, we played a fantastic show there and it would really hurt if that would no longer be possible. Besides, the organisation has helped us collect donations for our trip to Memphis! Therefore, we have decided to give them a note and donate 50% of the proceeds of the concert recording of our show in Calypso to the theatre! DOWNLOAD it at https://groovetown.nl/product/200110-calypso/