28 September 2011 Culture Pub



Wednesday night 28 September THEATRE CALYPSO



The (CCfé) culture café opens its doors in the new season!

On Wednesday evening, 28 September 2011, the Calypso Theatre opens at 20:00, free admission.

In the bimonthly culture café, artists and cultural sections that have a link with Wijk are given the opportunity to manifest themselves in the culture café in theatre Calypso on the Markt in Wijk bij Duurstede. Bringing visitors into contact with each other so that new initiatives can arise. An initiative of Simone Gijben and Karel Schneider.Karel Schneider is happy to explain what Simone Gijben and he have in mind: “Visual artists, for example, can find each other in their common search for work and/or exhibition space. Tips for organising courses or workshops can be exchanged.” Moreover, according to Gijben and Schneider, people from various art and cultural disciplines can make contacts. The two enthusiastic initiators are convinced that they are meeting a need. There are always two parts to the programme of the Culture Café. The evenings start at 8 pm with a performance, presentation or other stage act and there is time for a drink, a snack and a chat. Whoever wants to ask or tell the audience something, is free to take the microphone in hand. BLUESinWIJK presents with a talk, a video and a beautiful blues harp performance what they have in store for the coming months.


fotographer Rob Haak  made and beautiful photo report

WIJKSE COURANT 5 Oktober 2011 By: Kees Broekman


Wijk is bursting with talent, as was evident once again last Wednesday evening during the first Culture Café of 28 September. An almost full Calypso theatre hall was introduced to solid pop music, blues, classical singing, jazz, politics, drama and sing-alongs. A varied programme. The first batch of harmonica students showed what they could do.  In their own way, the participants were presented by Simone Gijben and Karel Schneider. “It’s nice to see many familiar faces and fans in the audience at the start of the new theatre season.” The solid performance by the youth band ‘Tsar Jasper the Greatest’ ensured that everyone was immediately on top of their game. Jazz café WbD, the Art Market and Blues in Wijk told about upcoming activities, and the bluesmen paid tribute to the late blues singer Harry Muskee. Also, the first batch of mouth harmonica students from Blues in Wijk played what they learned during the workshop in which no less than seventy blues enthusiasts participated. Impressive! Just like the one-act play by Chekhov that was performed by three actors from Wijk. New was the political intermezzo. Alderman Carel van Gelder was questioned by Wim van Amerongen about the upcoming municipal elections. Van Gelder did not want to say much about it, but Theatre Calypso will not be cut back (yet). Theo Mezz took care of the festive closing. The Culture Café is an initiative of Karel Schneider, Foundation De Inrichting, Tom van Ginkel, Theatre Calypso and Simone Gijben, culture coach of the municipality Wijk bij Duurstede.