Missed show Highstreet Blues Radio90

Since 1993 Regio90, the regional broadcaster for the municipalities Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Wijk bij Duurstede, has been broadcasting the radio program Highstreet Jazz and Blues every Sunday afternoon at 12.00. Presenter and composer Jos du Floo plays the first hour of blues music with the latest CDs, interviews and performances and can be heard on cable or on frequency 91.7FM or worldwide via www.regio90.nl. The program is also repeated on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 8 pm. Immediately after the broadcast on Sunday, the program can also be heard between 2 and 4 PM via RTV Slotstad and  Sunday from 8 p.m. by WBRS Belgium. And of course also ‘just’ via 90 FM and RTV Slotstad.

Following an idea from Jos, from January 1, 2022 they can also be listened to via the links below. Each broadcast is filled with 60 minutes of non-stop blues including a number album of the month. and can be listened to for 3 months.

On April 24, 2022, the 1500th broadcast took place. BluesinWijk made that a celebration with a live broadcast from the cafe ‘t Hoff. With music, interviews and a live performance by Big Bo. You can watch back here.
For a more detailed report read here.

Sunday 2023, September 17, show 1573. I begin show 1573, Sept. 17, 2023, with a song by Dobrothersblues. Also Buckmiller Schwager Band, The Push & Shove, Ural Thomas & The Pain, The Primevals, Sweet Mary Jane, Merel Vd Keer, Big Bo Brocken and I close the first hour with Mike Bloomfield.

Sunday 2023, september 10, show 1572. We are currently having an early Indian Summer. Although it is not yet October or November, it is now autumn. I am enjoying it!!! I made a promise last week. The new CD by John F. Klaver I’m going to show. Is it Blues or is it Jazz? Exciting!!! I play a song from it in both the first hour and the second hour. Another sublime album by John. I start with a song by Granvill Poynter. Also Robert Pete Williams, Nienke Dingemans, John F. Klaver, Vintage Brothers, Adriaan Dorresteijn, Campaign Charlie, Forge and I close the first hour with Fiona Boyes.

Sunday 2023, September 3, show 1571. Meteorological autumn has begun. That also means a new month and therefore a new album of the month. Thanks to Arie Verheul’s connection, this time the entry comes from Hell (Norway). The submitter is the organizer of the annual Hell Blues Festival. Oh yes. Next week the new CD of John F. Klaver. Is it Blues or is it Jazz? Exciting!!! I’ll start, with a song by Marc Broussard. Then Liza Ohlback, Steve Lukather, Robert Hokum, Lance Lopez, Harry van Lier, Allergies, Ali Farka Toure and I’ll close the first hour with Alabama Mike.

Sunday 2023, August 27, show 1570. Het is weer zover. We mogen weer een maand afsluiten en toevoegen aan het archief van de geschiedenis. Augustus was nat maar ook (soms) heet en voor de vakantiegangers in Nederland minder fraai dan gehoopt. De scholen zijn weer begonnen, de stress is weer zichtbaar op moeders en vaders die de kinderen op school afleveren. Tijd dus voor Highstreet Jazz & Blues, een rustgevend moment van de week. Ik begin met een nummer van Rory Gallagher.  Verder Vintage Trouble, Scott McKeon, Mick Kolassa, Delbert McClinton, Damian Lewis, Wille & The Bandits, Mick Clarke, Johnny Winter ik sluit het eerste uur af met More Than 6.

Sunday 2023, August 20 Show 1569. Everyone has artists you can be woken up in the middle of the night for. I have new albums in from two of those artists again. A real treat! I am not going to tell you here which ones they are but I will tell you in the broadcast. I start with a song by Tracy Nelson. Then Maria Daines, Bettye LaVette, Lou Ann Barton, Jeau James, Robert Wilkins, DeFord Bailey, Fiona Boyes, Ty Curtis Band and I close the first hour with Taj Mahal.

Sunday 2023, August 13 show 1568. I begin this time with a song by Alan Farrington. Also Vargas Blues Band, Rory Gallagher, Rival Sons, Gene Butler Band, Gratitude, Ten Years After, Sonny Terry and I close the first hour with Brownie McGhee.

Sunday, 2023, August 6 episode 1567. I begin this time with a song by Trevor B. Power. Also, Moonalice, Tom Waits, Scremin’ Jay Hawkins, Neil Morrison, Monster Mike Welch, Dr. John, Guadalupe Plata and I close the first hour with Angela Brown.

Sunday, 2023, July 30 episode 1566. I begin this time with a song by Howlin’ Sun. Also, Will Barber & Family, Muddy Waters ft. Otis Span, John Haydack, James Pace Band, Carlo Carena, Boo Boo Davis, Allen-Forrester Band, Jeanette Berger and I close the first hour with Zed Mitchell.

Sunday, 2023, July 23 episode 1565. I begin this time with a song by Albany Down. Also Dean Taylor Band, Peter Storm & The Blues Society, Tony Holiday, Mojo Stomp, Kaz Hawkins, Gwyn Ashton, Smokey Wilson, Johnny Otis Blues Band, Scott Wainwright and I close the first hour with Col Ray Price.

Sunday, July 16, 2023, episode 1564. of Highstreet Jazz & Blues. And then two hours per broadcast. So is 3,128 hours of jazz and blues on Dutch radio since October 1993. So quickly calculated, in October 2023, the program will exist 30 years. Once set up by Evert Wybenga, but since his death I get to do it. And I am quite proud of that. I start this time with a song by Livin’ Blues Xperience. Also Selwyn Birchwood, The Teskey Brothers, Barn & Belle, The Barnestompers, Mick Björklöf& Blue Strip, Joanna Connor & Josh Smith, Hazmat Modine, Ashley Sherlock and I close the first hour with Big D. & Captain Keys.

Sunday, July 9, 2023, broadcast 1563. I look back on two great gigs this week with The Vaults. The 6th in the Super Nova (Jaarbeurs Utrecht) and the 8th a wonderful happening at the Jonge Graaf in Cothen. There we played together with Basic Station and Vintage5 on the outdoor stage. It was hot, but we were looking forward to it. And today, of course, Highstreet Jazz & Blues again. The first hour this time, unlike what you’re used to from me, I’m not filling it with newly released blues. This time with “old” stuff. I start with a song by Taj Mahal. Then Luther Allison, Fiona Boyes, Karen Neumann, Dana Fuchs, Hans Theessink, Leon Redbone, ZZ Top, C.W. Stoneking and I close the first hour with Q65.

Sunday, July 2, 2023, broadcast 1562. Another week, then the school children in Central Netherlands are off: vacation. What a wonderful prospect. That also means that many residents are going on vacation. And when the sun shines it’s really great. Highstreet Jazz& Blues continues as usual during the vacation period. So you can also listen abroad, at home, at the campsite and on the beach. But before the vacation starts we have one more week of school and work. Good luck everyone. I start the first hour of Highstreet Jazz & Blues with a song by Pete Rea Band. Also Haylen, Nick Waterhouse, Wolf Mail, Boo Boo Davis, Mojo Glove, Last Internationale, Angelo ‘Leadbelly’ Rossi and I close the first hour with Willie Buck.

Sunday, June 25, 2023, broadcast 1561. What a wonderful weekend.Plenty of sunshine, double birthday son and grandson (Saturday) and peeked at the Hillside (live music in the studio).There will also be live music in the studio on Sunday, June 25, 2023.Then too you can peep on the Hill Ridge.Feel free to drop by the studio from 3 p.m. onwards. But first Highstreet Jazz& Blues.I start the first hour of Highstreet Jazz & Blues with a song by Lolita Carabine.Also, The Golden Grass, Jerry Carcia, The Archievers, Jason Freeman, Jeff Pitchell, Jacopa Pausa, Vin Mott and I close the first hour with Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton.