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11 June 2016

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theatre Rijnstraat

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€ 15

Absolute top band from Austria

For logistical reasons, Meena’s concert on Saturday 11 June has been moved to another location in Wijk bij Duurstede. Muziektheater van Ginkel, Rijnstraat 6, only 100 metres walking distance from theatre Calypso. Free parking on the Walplantsoen, almost in front of the door.

Tickets €15,-
Theatre Calypso, Markt 4, Wijk bij Duurstede.
Theatre opens 20.00 hours. Show 20.30-23.00 hours.
E-tickets via ticketscript (extra service costs) or buy/book at van Ginkel Music, Achterstraat 1, Wijk bij Duurstede, call +31343574522,
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Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band belongs to the new generation of young European blues artists who are bringing a breath of fresh air to traditional blues. Meena Cryle was born Martina Kreil in Austria in 1977. At 16, she attracted the attention of Chris Fillmore, who made her the lead singer of his band. She then travelled around the world with her guitar for a while, before returning to Austria. The collaboration with Fillmore is reestablished and her career takes a turn for the better.  Meanwhile, she has a number of albums to her name. With her fabulous talent, Meena succeeds in creating her own solid soul-blues from blues, blues-rock, ballads, soul and rock. As a singer, Meena can compete with the best in the genre. Her catchy voice with an excellent range makes every song a gem.  Chris Fillmore, who, like the singer, comes from Vienna, is a fantastic guitarist. The other band members are also from the Austrian capital.

“There is a difference between those who just sing and those who create a euphoria within themselves and with their voice. Meena is not only a voice whose effect gives hope because it is served without frippery, but also a power that comes from deep inside, intense and emotional” read more: Review Manfred Horak Kulturwoche
„Behind the rough appearance of their sound, which shifts between soul and blues, longing and devotion, sadness and ecstasy are hidden.“ -die Presse-
„With artists like Meena, no one has to worry about the future of the blues.“ –Bluesnews-
„A real splendour how this band interacted to prepare the blues and rhythm’n blues bed for Meena’s strong voice.“ -Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung-
„On stage, Meena is like a power plant that absorbs emotion and releases energy. Her voice penetrates from a depth that cannot have anything to do with the anatomy of the vocal cords alone. Heaven and hell open up…..“-Salzburger Nachrichten-