Ian Parker Band (UK)

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8 April 2018

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theatre Calypso

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IAN PARKER conquered the hearts of many people in the neighbourhood at Jazzby Duurstede in 2007. He still plays blues music with the confidence of someone who has made it. He doesn’t have to prove anything anymore but he still has a lot to say: Parker is someone you can’t afford to miss.
Theatre Calypso, Markt 4, Wijk bij Duurstede. Theatre opens 15.30 hours. Show 16.00 uur. Entrance € 10,-. E-tickets via the ticket button at the top of this page (note: extra service costs) or buy/reserve at van Ginkel Music, Achterstraat 1, Wijk bij Duurstede, telefoon 0343-574522, e-mail: info@vanginkelmuziek.nl


Ian is an original artist, his lyrics are poignant, almost literary. He performs them in a characteristic bittersweet voice with a lot of expressiveness. He distinguishes himself by making a lot of contact with his audience and radiates openness.
Ian’s career began in the summer of 2003 when he signed with Ruf Records after meeting record producer David Z (Prince – Purple Rain). His debut album Inside (Ruf1094) was released in October of that year, followed by more albums, live recordings on DVD and extensive tours of Europe and the US. Parker was always breaking new musical ground, never content with doing the same tricks, no matter how successful they were. Ian is a true craftsman who is guided by his art and who, as he himself says, has the need to express his emotions in his music.

He sometimes took unexpected roads, testing his fans, but the essence of his work has always remained: his honest lyrics, his characteristic voice and his sensitive and distinctive guitar playing.
Following the release of Politik Blues (Eye-Pea002) in April 2015, Parker returned to the Stratocaster blues music where he began his career 20 years ago. Accompanied on stage by David Jenkins (bass), Chris Finn (drums) and Morg Morgan on keyboard (with whom he has long collaborated), Parker has entered a new phase of his remarkable career. No longer the newcomer who has to find a place in an over-saturated market, Parker now presents his music with the self-confidence of someone who has made it. He no longer has to prove anything, but he still has a lot to say: Parker is someone not to be missed.