date :

2 April 2020

sale :

online sale :

time :

20:00 hours

location :

theatre Calypso

entrance :

€ 12,50

cancelled, corona

In the summer of 1964, two groups of three white, music-loving young men independently travelled to Mississippi in search of blues legends Skip James and Son House. In a reconstruction of this search, the now grey-haired men tell their story. The search took place against the background of the bloody violence that accompanied the introduction of voting rights for blacks in the Deep South of America.  The film shows the important role music had and has in bridging the culturally determined gap and in driving social change. The interviews with the men are supplemented with testimonies of other contemporary and historical musicians and activists, with sometimes shocking archive footage and, of course, with lots of music. Two Trains Runnin’ reminds the viewer how fragile and hard-won the freedoms that are taken for granted are and are now under pressure again.

The film is interspersed with live performances by Belgian/Dutch trio Guy Verlinde, known for his stomping band The Mighty Gators, with whom he was a welcome guest on European blues stages. But the Gators have disbanded and Verlinde has taken a different path: acoustic blues & roots with personal lyrics. Tonight, with Richard van Bergen (guitar) and Oliver Vander Bauwede (harmonica, guitar), he will perform songs from his new record All Is Forgiven (2019). Expect dreamy fingerpicking, acoustic slide guitar, a harmonica and (f)listening songs that grab you by the throat!