Film (Two trains runnin’) and Blues (Reemers&deGreef)

date :

23 October 2020

sale :

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time :

15:00, 18:30 and 21:00 hrs

location :

theatre Calypso

entrance :

€ 10

sold out

In theatre Calypso, we screen the beautiful film ‘Two Trains Runnin’ interspersed with live blues by blues duo Reemers & de Greef. The film has only been shown once before in the Netherlands, so it’s an excellent and unique opportunity to go and see it. English spoken, not subtitled.

Trailer ‘Two trains runnin’

The film goes back to the summer of 1964, when two groups of three white, music-loving young men independently travelled to Mississippi in search of blues legends Skip James and Son House. The search took place against the backdrop of the bloody violence that accompanied the introduction of voting rights for blacks in the Deep South of America.  The film shows the important role music had and has in bridging the cultural gap and driving social change. The interviews are supplemented with testimonies of other contemporary and historical musicians and activists, with sometimes shocking archive footage and, of course, with a lot of music. Two Trains Runnin’ reminds the viewer how fragile and hard-won the freedoms that are taken for granted are and are now under pressure again.


Frank Reemers and Joep de Greef are two old hands on the Dutch music scene with a lot of experience and a passion for Blues & Roots music. Together they regularly travel to the cradle of the Blues, the south of America. Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Illinois and of course Mississippi and visit all the places that have been important in the history of the Blues and play in the Juke Joints and Blues cafes. Besides their successful bluesbands Ramblin’ Dog and Mojo Hand, the two of them love to play beautiful homegrown and self-edited Blues and Roots songs to an interested audience. Armed with various guitars and blues harp they bring a diverse repertoire that goes from old fingerpicking Delta blues songs to delicious swinging gems from the Blues world and surrounding areas. Blues & Roots played with passion and sung from the heart, that is Reemers & de Greef.
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