date :

27 November 2021

sale :

free entrance

online sale :

time :

15.00 -23.45 uur

location :

eating house Dorestad, pub 't Hoff, pub Ome Ko, pub restaurant de Engel, taverne Mazi Mas, theatre Calypso, Veldpoort

entrance :

€ free entrance






Update November 16, 2021.

With some difficulty due to the Corona measures in place at the time, we were able to put together a nice program for the 10th Blues Pub Crawl on November 27th.

What we could not foresee were the dramatic developments regarding infections, hospitalizations and a serious disruption of health care.

The new measures as of November 13 have a serious impact. Especially for the restaurants and bars with closing at 20.00, fixed seating, no events after 18.00 and Corona checks.

If we look at this new situation through the glasses of the Blues Pub Crawl, then all the merriment and conviviality of going from pub to pub with your friends will be completely destroyed. The catering industry and we quickly came to the conclusion that the program as we had envisioned it would not be feasible. Within the catering industry there was still an idea for an afternoon program with acoustic blues in the pubs and restaurants until 20.00 and then continue in the theater.

However, based on the number of visitors to be expected (a few hundred at most), the many movements in the venues and the contact moments between them, this is exactly what the new Corona measures want to prevent. The OMT’s advice is crystal clear. In order to reduce the rapid increase in infections and the increase in hospital and ICU admissions, it is necessary to significantly reduce the number of contacts and the degree of infection in the coming weeks. Mutual distance standards are essential for this.

As far as we are concerned, organizing a blues festival at this time is therefore at odds with these principles and we have decided to cancel the organization of the Blues Pub Crawl 2021.

Very unfortunate, but that’s how it is and next year we will have new opportunities.

Last year the blues party of Wijk bij Duurstede had to be cancelled due to Corona, but Saturday, November 27, 2021 the pubs in the center of Wijk will be filled with the blues again. For the 10th time Foundation Blues in Wijk and the catering industry together organize the now traditional Wijkse Blueskroegentocht. Ever since the first edition in 2010 this blues event has been a great success with visitors from Wijk and far beyond. Blues fans experience the variety of blues types, relaxed atmosphere, and short walking distances as particularly attractive. In the afternoon and evening, one can hop between theaters, cafes, and restaurants for nine hours and enjoy excellent blues. Traditionally, the city carillon also sounds blues throughout the day. So plenty to do. More information on In all participating restaurants and cafes there are flyers with playing times and a map. Admission is free, visitors are checked at the door for their Corona admission ticket and all venues admit visitors up to 75% of their regular capacity.

Blues in the afternoon. The blues pub crawl kicks off at 3 pm with DJ’s BluesToon in theater Calypso as a warm-up for a performance from 4 pm by the Drenthe Blues band Easterfield. Five young guests who not only indulge in raw Blues-Rock, but also bring an ode to the now legendary blues icon Harry (Cuby) Muskee. One hour long Cuby + Blizzards songs from times long past. Lovers of more peaceful music can go to the other side of the Market from 17.00 hours. There, songwriter, singer and guitarist Stef Woestenenk plays cheerful and recognizable Blues, pop and rock classics from the 60s and 70s in café-restaurant de Engel.

Blues while eating. Between 17.00 and 21.00 hours it’s time for the inner man. At five places you can combine food & blues. In the Engel, Stef Woestenenk is still busy, at Café Ome Ko the Amerong blues friends Richard van Bergen and Klaas van Kuilenburg are playing, at Greek restaurant Mazi Mas the duo Duketown Slim & Fred van der Wende, in the Veldpoort there is a performance by trio The Bluetails and in Calypso DJ’s BluesToon are active again. For €7,50 you can get an Ultimate Blues Burger at Ome Ko and in Calypso there will also be something to eat. De Engel, Veldpoort and Mazi-Maz offer a blues menu for €25,-. Advance booking is recommended.

Blues in the evening. At 19.00 hrs. the blues trio Electric Hollers will be on stage in theater Calypso, from 21.00 hrs. Ticket West will be playing in café ‘t Hoff, in eethuys Dorestad the tables will be cleared for Fat Harry & the Fuzzy Licks and Gallagher fans can visit café Ome Ko with Bullfrog Taste Express. In theater Calypso, the American blues singer Sugar Queen and her band can be seen from 10 pm.

Closing times cafes. Because of the Corona measures, all pubs and restaurants must be empty and closed as of midnight. So we stop everywhere at 23.45 at the latest.


If you’re coming to the Blues Pub Tour on November 27, you’ll need a corona admission ticket. Not fully vaccinated and 13 years or older? Then get tested for free at at the pharmacy Steenstraat 4 (Mon. to Fri. 08.00-17.00) and Achterstraat 4 (Thu. to Sat. 08.00-20.00 and Sun. to 13.00).

If you get hungry at the end of the afternoon, then you can enjoy a blues menu for €25,- at Restaurant de Veldpoort, Restaurant de Engel and Resurant Mazi-Mas. Reservations there are strongly recommended! Café Ome Ko serves the Ultimate BluesBurger and in theater Calypso they serve delicious snacks.


DJ duo Bas and Toon spin their favorite blues songs at 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. in theater Calypso.


SUGAR QUEEN in theater Calypso 22.00-23.45

Michele, known as Sugar Queen, is a versatile American vocalist and songwriter who has performed the blues in Europe, the US and Asia and is currently based in Belgium/Netherlands. At the beginning of her musical career, Michele studied classical piano and received a scholarship to do so. Her family roots are in North Florida where she developed a natural interest in gospel and blues. Staying true to her blues and gospel “roots”, she performed in churches throughout the southern US. While touring different parts of the US, she was chosen to perform at the historic “Mandela Released” event. During her time in the US, Michele also worked as a conductor/vocalist for various gospel and classical choirs in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia. After moving to Malaysia in 2006, she formed the blues and classic rock band Deuces Wild and during the Miri Jazz / Blues festival of the same year, she performed with the Singapore-based Universal Blues band. In 2007, she worked as a jazz singer with jazz pianist Yiang Yi Sock in Malaysia. In 2008, Michele had the honor of performing for the King of Malaysia, Tuan Yang Terutama. In 2009, Michele recorded a song with blues/rock artist Wang Wei (Rock Rhino) in Beijing, China for his CD “Wang Wei”. In 2016, Michele founded “Sugar Queen.” It was a collaboration of Belgian and Dutch blues artists and of course the American Sugar Queen. The ambition of the band is to interpret the Chicago blues sound. The debut CD 340 Blues reached the #4 position on the Chicago Blues Roots Music Charts with 5 debut songs ranking in the top 10 and remained on the charts for 12 weeks. In 2018, 340 Blues was at #9 on the Top Chicago Blues Album Chart. In 2019, Sugar Queen LIVE topped the charts and debuted at #5. In 2020, Sugar Queen was in the Top 40 Chicago Blues Albums list with the album ‘Sugar Queen Live’.

BULLFROG TASTE EXPRESS in café Ome Ko 21.00-23.45

Bullfrog Taste Express brings a musical tribute to one of the most influential guitarists in the history of rock. Central to this event is of course Rory Gallagher, the Irishman who unfortunately passed away much too soon and who, with his beat-up Strat, became a true icon in blues-rock.

THE BLUETAILS at the Veldpoort (blues menu €25) 18.00-21.00

We saw The Bluetails before at the Veldpoort. They are a Dutch blues band that started performing since 2012. Alex Jr plays guitar and does the vocals, Henk is on bass and upright bass and his son Dave is the drummer and percussionist. Alex and Henk have been performing together for several decades, best known as members of Big Will & the Bluesmen, a successful blues act in the blues history of the Netherlands. In 2014 they released the album Riverside Tales which was well received in the Dutch blues scene. Dave, the youngster, is the former drummer of We the Firm and gives The Bluetails’ rhythm an incredibly fresh and detailed foundation for the songs the band plays live on stage.

RICHARD van BERGEN & KLAAS van KUILENBURG in Café Ome Ko 18.00-20.00

Singer/guitarist Richard van Bergen is one of the front men of Shiner Twins, but he has also accompanied Dede Priest, Qeaux Qeaux Joans and many others. Not only does he have a beautiful voice, the sound is both raw and groovy and his purely own compositions sound both fresh and familiar. He gives familiar styles from the American South (delta blues, swamp blues, soul and boogie) a fresh injection of his own and knows how to avoid all clichés. Together with his Amerongen-Wijk guitarist and blues friend Klaas van Kuilenburg he now forms a duo. Delicious and infectious blues of two beautiful friends.

TICKET WEST in café ‘t Hoff 21.00-23.45

Ticket West is about two brothers who listened to blues records their father played at the family diner. After being in a blues and rock ‘n roll band together in their teens, the brothers each started their own music careers. Now, after more than 30 years, they are back together to focus on the blues again. Their interest in blues lies with the West coast style (William Clarke, Rod Piazza, James Harman) and in 2018 they hooked up with singer and harmonica player Gerrit Ekkelenkamp only to be later replaced by his mentee Harp Mitch after he moved to Portugal. Their first album “High Class Horse” which features Harp Mitch on vocals and harmonicas and Nathan James on guitar, was released in 2019. For their second album “Cab driving man” (release in 2021), they entered the studio with a variety of friendly musicians. While the first album is firmly rooted in the West coast style, their second also has a Chicago blues (Magic Sam, Elmore James, Eddy Taylor) tinge. Yet, modern West coast blues (Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Christ fast, Junior Watson) is not far away. Ticket West is about the brothers doing what they love most without being hindered by the need to become rich and famous. Just composing, recording and performing with friends and doing it to the best of their ability while keeping their blues alive after all these years.

EASTERFIELD (tribute to Cuby and the Blizzards) at Theatre Calypso 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Easterfield was founded in the summer of 2011 by Olaf de Groote (guitar) and cousins Bram Goeree (vocals) and Ruud Goeree (guitar), after a jam session in the local pub, where the gentlemen sometimes play together. Not much later Maikel Tanger (drums) and Kris Tiemens (bass) completed the band. Easterfield, whose members mainly come from Barger-Oosterveld, brings pure, raw blues-rock! With the combination of the warm and at the same time raw voice of the singer, howling and screaming guitar solos with razor sharp riffs, a grooving bass and tight drumming Easterfield treats the audience to a musical, uplifting and energetic show! The passion of the gentlemen and the unspoiled atmosphere on stage outline what Easterfield wants to achieve….

Ode to the legendary Dutch blues icon Harry Muskee. Brought to you by the Drenthe blues band Easterfield in a 60 minute show. Get carried away to bygone days when Dutch blues was first written. Thanks Cuby!

Easterfield consists of: Bram Goeree – vocals; Ruud Goeree – guitar; Olaf de Groote – guitar; Maikel Tanger – drums and Kris Tiemens – bass.

ELECTRIC HOLLERS in theater Calypso 19.00-21.00

Electric Hollers is a blues/rock sensation from the northern part of the Netherlands. Get ready to be blown away by a wall of vintage sound and energy! Heavy bass tones, thundering drums and guitar solos that take you back to times gone by. The band takes inspiration from bands like Led Zeppelin, Santana & Ten Years After. In 2018, the band released their debut album ‘Rise’. The release of this album garnered rave reviews and a full schedule, with highlights including a final place in the Dutch Blues Challenge, a support act with Ten Years After and the band played in front of thousands of visitors at Waterpop in Wateringen. Meanwhile, the band was working on a new and more mature album. In February 2020, the band released the second album ‘Electric Hollers’. This album focuses on a raw sound and a live feel. The release of the album was celebrated with a release show in a nearly sold out Neushoorn in Leeuwarden. After the release of the album the coronavirus put a stop to the many shows in the agenda but the band refuses to sit still. That’s why the band will release their first live album on vinyl in 2021 with five tracks from the release show in Neushoorn. Line-up: Tim Birkenholz – Lead vocals/guitar; Inge de Vries – Bass guitar/vocals andMax Mollema – Drums/vocals. Video.

FAT HARRY & THE FUZZY LICKS in eethuys Dorestad 21.00-23.45

Contemporary blues is probably the best description of the music of this experienced band from Rotterdam. It can not be classified in any particular category. Their latest album “Hard Lovin’ Man” (Continental Records) is full of diversity and self-written songs. The album features guest contributions from “The King Of Beale Street” Preston Shannon and Henry Oden on bass. At times funk, soul and rhythm & blues can be heard, before finally returning to old school blues. The domestic and foreign press wrote with superlatives. The band has not gone unnoticed across the ocean either.In 2007, the song “Drivin’ Machine” appeared on the sampler CD of the leading magazine “Big City Blues” and impressed Fat Harry’s playing in famous Chicago blues clubs like Buddy Guy’s Legends and the Kingston Mines. In 2009, things came full circle when Harry’s biggest musical influence Joe Louis Walker covered the song “Send You Back” written by Harry and his wife Denise on his album “Between A Rock & The Blues.” Joe also asked him to play rhythm guitar several times during gigs with his American band, but also regularly used the entire band.
Meanwhile, the band is indispensable in the top of the Dutch blues world and a welcome guest at festivals and clubs. For example, in 2015 Jan de Ligt won the Dutch Blues Award for saxophonist and Fat Harry was already nominated twice in the guitarist category. The band is also often asked by other renowned American artists to accompany them during European tours. In recent years they have worked with the late Preston Shannon, Lurrie Bell, Rip Lee Pryor and Joey Gilmore, among others. Other names that have been worked with include; Craig Horton, Sax Gordon, Tail Dragger, John Primer and Henry Oden. With Robbert Fossen and The Dynaflow respectively, Harry also accompanied Chick Rodgers and Super Chikan. Enough accomplished to look back on a fine musical career you would say. However, nothing is further from the truth. Fat Harry & The Fuzzy Licks continues to set their sights on the future and is always looking for new challenges. In 2019 the band was reinforced with Donald van der Goes on bass and Arjan van den Oever on keyboards.

STEF WOESTENENK in restaurant de Engel (blues menu €25) 17.00-20.00

Guitarist, singer, songwriter and writer, who besides a lot of handiwork also performs solo with a repertoire of blues, pop and rock classics from the 60s and 70s. His set list includes songs from artists such as: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Miller, The Band, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Santana, Al Stewart, The Who, Kinks, Small Faces, George Harrison, Simon & Garfunkel, Doobie Brothers, Everly Brothers, Pink Floyd, Blues Brothers, CSN&Y, CCR, etc.

DUKETOWN SLIM & FRED VAN DE WENDE at tavern Mazi-Mas (blues menu €25,-) 18.00-21.00

With his roots firmly planted in the Brabant city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (aka Duketown), Imco Ceelen fell under the spell of acoustic blues. Starting out as a blues harp player in various bands and acoustic formations, this blues-loving Brabander quickly realized that he could get more out of the genre when he focused on traditional delta blues. With a resonator on his lap, a case full of blues harps and conjuring rhythms from the soles of his feet, Duketown Slim growls and sings his way through old classics. Songs by Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy and other greats from the rich history of the blues are scrutinized, interspersed with authentic sounding original work. This bluesman proves that the blues doesn’t have to be all about misery when he serves up the genre with a cheerful wink and a smooth talk. In the past the music brought Duketown Slim throughout the Netherlands, Germany and various places in the United States. With his honest, raw voice and skilful guitar playing he is a must for every blues lover.

BLUES AT THE CARILON Town Hall Market (AD/UN 2015)