Blues4Kids May, 17 and 24, 2022

date :

17 May 2022

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exclusive for school children and their teachers

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Primary school 'de Horn', primary school 'de Wegwijzer'

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€ Open only to students

If Corona makes it possible this time we will organize five blues performances on May 17 and 24 for about 250 students from groups 6, 7 and 8 from De Horn and De Wegwijzer by Big Bo Brocken and Vera van Faassen.

Blues musician Big Bo and partner Vera van Faassen developed in recent years BLUES 4 KIDS, A performance for youth organizations and schools. In a beautiful setting with atmospheric background images and old traditional musical instruments, Vera tells the story of Babou (11 years old) who was kidnapped from Africa and taken on a ship to New Orleans, USA. The boy was sold into slavery there and then made an awe-inspiring journey along the Mississippi River, where he was introduced to the origins of blues music, the cradle of virtually all the music we listen to today. Big Bo sings and plays the traditional songs and tells wonderful stories from the time of the Civil War, segregation in the South and the development of music in a time span of about 100 years (±1850-1950).

It became a great success! They enjoyed the performance, clapped along happily, and afterwards they walked back to their classrooms singing and dancing.

De Horn May 17, 2022.

De Wegwijzer May 24, 2022.

Without exception, these were compelling and impressive performances. The beautiful anecdotes and wonderful (sing-along) songs made the blues lessons instructive and complete.

The performances were made possible by a financial contribution from the Cultuurfonds Wijk bij Duurstede.

Student Comments.
“the blues at school was a fun experience”
“really cool to meet someone famous it was also really inspiring”
“an interesting story of a boy who had a life where there was a distinction between skin colors: brown, white and then still managed to keep his spirits up by singing songs”
“they kind of tell a story about racism and that it’s actually not nice at all”
“And that there was too much work that we should be glad that we live now and not then.
“was kind of sad that that boy was taken away from his parents”.
“Amazing how the man could play on those instruments and homemade guitars, fat to see”
“That man also translated it into Dutch, it was very nice”.
“…. Come on go on a journey with me, come on go on a journey with me, to the beautiful Wijk, that is where you belong…”

Photography Wim Robben. More pictures >>>>