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18 October 2020

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cancelled, corona

Cancelled due to Corona. New date 20 June 2021.


Wijk bij Duurstede 3e edition Sunday afternoon 18 Oktober 2020

Wat is Blues at the Neighbors? Blues at the Neighbors is a Living Room Blues Festival which will take place Sunday, October 18 between 13.00 and 17.00 in all the cores of the municipality of Wijk bij Duurstede. In 2016 and 2018 we organised this before and both times it became a huge success with no less than 25 living rooms and bands. On this Sunday afternoon living rooms throughout Wijk bij Duurstede transform into intimate stages and everyone can listen to special performances by Blues talents. The performances are all free to visit.

Why is there Blues at the Neighbors?
Blues on the Neighbors The Blues Festival was launched in 2016 to encourage residents to open their doors to each other and to enjoy Blues music together, without any financial barriers. The festival wants to promote the liveability within the different neighbourhoods and shows how hospitable a city and its inhabitants are. During Blues bij de Buren you don’t only meet the inhabitants of the city, but you also get to know all the beautiful things the city has to offer musically in the intimate atmosphere of the living room. Blues music connects people and is a cultural form par excellence that passes by all walks of life, ages, colours, and tastes.

Who organises it?
Blues at the Neighbors is organized by BluesinWijk. Together with many volunteers they make Wijk bij Duurstede one big living room.

When am I eligible to participate in Blues on the Neighbors? Blues at the Neighbors is open to all musicians with a clear link to blues music, all blues music styles are welcome. You do need to have some level of experience. It should be fun for everyone to listen to you.

What time and how often do I play? You play three performances of approx. 45 minutes and there is half an hour between each performance. 13.30-14.15 / 14.45-15.30 / 16.00-16.45 hrs.

Can I also play in my own living room?  Yes you can, the most important thing is that besides you there are at least two people who take on the role of host and/or hostess.

I have arranged my own living room, may I?  Yes, if you know someone who would like you to play at their house, that’s more than fine. That living room has to sign up first. Please indicate this clearly in the mail.

Do I have to play acoustically to participate in Blues at the Neighbors?  Not necessarily, although it is easier to find a room for an acoustic performance than for an amplified Blues concert. Tell us in the mail what you can do, who knows we will find a room where you can play at full strength.

What about the technique?  You take care of the technique yourself.

Do I get paid for the performance?  No, as much as we think that musicians should get all the appreciation, you can imagine that with fees for 20 groups Blues on the Neighbors becomes unaffordable. However, you can claim for the travel expenses you incur.Per living room we go around with the cap in favor of the blues artist. Of course we will include you in all our publicity and we will also highlight a number of artists in the run-up to the festival.

What happens after I sign up?  You will be informed within two weeks whether you have been selected. At the beginning of September we will make the link (match) with the living rooms. Only then will we know whether your participation is definitive.

Is a website or facebook page a condition?  No, but we do want to get a good idea of who you are and what kind of music you make. That way we can make a good match with a living room. Without a link to your music, we cannot judge you. You can also send us a CD

Do I really have to come from Wijk bij Duurstede to play? With Blues at the Neighbors, we want to give the local and regional blues a boost. Therefore, we prefer artists from the Utrecht region. Not from Wijk bij Duurstede? No problem, just sign up. No you can’t, yes you can!

May I play amplified music? Over 90% of the performances at Blues at the Neighbors are semi-acoustic. It is therefore preferred that the artist adjusts his performance accordingly. Often the semi-acoustic character fits the intimate setting of the living room very well.

How many shows do I have to play? We expect you to play the same performance three times. Each performance should last no longer than 45 minutes!

How can I register? Send an mail to with the name of your band/act, name of contact person, number of persons, address, postcode and city, telephone, e-mail and website, number of m2 needed, piano needed?, have you arranged a living room where you will play, if so where. We will then contact you.