Become Sponsor

“A sponsor is a person or organisation, usually a company, which supports an activity, an individual, an event, an association, a group of people, etc. by providing money or other means, in return for publicity. It is a widespread practice especially in sport (both individual athletes and sports teams and sporting events), culture (concerts, festivals, exhibitions) and the media (television or radio programmes). Many of these things can only exist with the support of one or more sponsors and the withdrawal of a major sponsor can mean the end of a sports team or event”.

BLUESinWIJK started its blues activities at the beginning of 2009 and now has more than 20 sponsors. They support with financial and/or material aid such as printing, advertising advice, fundraising, banners, banners, catering, housing, financial and administrative support, website construction and support, communication advice, graphic design, clothing, transport and music. 

BLUESinWIJK promotes and stimulates blues in Wijk by bringing top blues to Wijk, facilitating regional and local blues bands, holding lectures and workshops and involving young people in blues. Every year BLUESinWIJK organises several activities. She generates her income from friends’ contributions, sponsor contributions, fundraising and income from blues concerts. BLUESinWIJK communicates through its website, social media and a regular newsletter.

1. Basic Sponsor  € 100 –  € 250 per year

    • Periodical newsletter
    • Pre-registration of blues events
    • Annual Friends Evening Admission
    • Logo + link on sponsorpage
    • 2 free tickets per year

2. Sponsor € 250 – € 500 per year

    • idem as 1
    • 4 free tickets per year

3. Subsponsor € 500 – € 1.000 per year

    • idem as 2
    • Company description  on sponsorpage
    • 6 free tickets per year

4. Main sponsor € 1.000 or more per year

    • idem as 3 
    • 8 free tickets per year
    • Additional advertising in consultation, for which we apply customization.